El33t’s Question of the Day: What other game announcement can bring the internet to its knees?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

Twitter doesn’t necessarily represent ‘The Internet’ but for millions of people around the world, this social tool is what their lives revolve around and serves as their key method of keeping up-to-date with news, and interacting online.

Yesterday, for at least five minutes (yes, a whole five minutes), Twitter was unavailable to these millions of people thanks to the announcement of the release date for a single game: Grand Theft Auto 5.

This Question of the Day asks:

What other game announcement can bring the internet to its knees?

Five minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but in information dissemination circles, it’s a lifetime, so those precious moments that Twitter was down following the GTA V announcement must have been torture for some.

Is there another game-related announcement that could have a similar influence on the internet at large? The reveal of a PlayStation 4 or Xbox Next, perhaps? Are there any other games that command quite such a following that their mere mention could bring Twitter to a stuttering mess?

I don’t remember anything Call of Duty related affecting social media like GTA V did yesterday…

Also be sure to answer El33tonline’s latest Facebook poll question to let the community know what else could bring about an InternetOcalypse as GTA V did yesterday.

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