Hunter, Hunted: Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer explores multiplayer merits of Marines and Xenomorphs

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Banner Image

Riding high off of the latest trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines with looks at the game’s singleplayer campaign set on the hideously terrifying planet of LV-426, the military bravado of the marines has been cut short in this new video showcasing the abilities and classes of the Xenomorph alien menace that will be available in multiplayer.

If you thought using shotguns and smart guns against the writhing masses of exoskeletons and the torrents of acid raining down on you, then you’ll need to prepare yourself for death at the hands (and mouths) of these foul creatures:

Aliens: Colonial Marines Tactical Multiplayer Trailer

Aliens: Colonial Marines is out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on February 12th worldwide.

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