GRID 2 dated for May with box art reveal and pre-order bonus details

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Codemasters has today announced a May release date for the publisher’s next racer, GRID 2, accompanied by visions of the box you’ll be looking out for on store shelves later this year, as well as a reveal of what you can expect in return if you choose to pre-order the game ahead of launch.

Grid 2 Screenshot Baner Logo

GRID 2 is due out on May 31st in the UK across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, while a special edition version of the game will net you extra downloadable content should pre-order the offering. Gamers in the UK can pre-order ‘GRID 2: Brands Hatch Edition’ at GAME stores and receive the following for their patronage:

McLaren Racing Pack:

Receive the exclusive McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Special Edition car to race in single-player, multiplayer and a special online event; plus expand the game with two new routes around the Brands Hatch GP circuit.

Head Start Pack:

Receive the exclusive Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT car to race in single-player, multiplayer and enjoy discounts in the Car Upgrades Store in online game modes and a unique RaceNet bonus.

Here’s what that content looks like in screenshots:

GRID 2 Pre-Order Screenshot 1

GRID 2 Pre-Order Screenshot 2

GRID 2 Pre-Order Screenshot 3

GRID 2 Pre-Order Screenshot 4

GRID 2 Pre-Order Screenshot 5

And what will you need to look out for when you’re scouring store shelves for GRID 2 in May? Here’s the game’s box art:

GRID 2 Box Art

GRID 2 Box Art - PC

GRID 2 Box Art - Xbox 360

GRID 2 Box Art - PS3

What is Codemasters is promising with GRID 2? Read over the publisher’s pitch and see if it catches your attention:

“GRID 2 will challenge players to be fast, be first and be famous. Going behind the wheel of a handpicked selection of automotive icons spanning four decades, gamers will race their way to the top of a new, evolving world of motorsport.

“From Paris to Abu Dhabi, Chicago to the sun-kissed California coast and beyond, beautifully created city streets, licensed circuits and edge-of-control mountain roads will become home to the most visceral and exhilarating racing yet.

“GRID 2 will also set new standards for a racing multiplayer experience with an entirely distinct and extensive gameplay component and unique progression system.

“Deep customisation options and integration with RaceNet ‒ the online community portal for Codemasters Racing games which tracks player’s races, rewards and rivals ‒ will offer further immersion and connectivity in GRID 2’s new world of motorsport.”

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