Gears of War Wednesday Wrap: Still strong, still crushing!

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Despite a lack of dedicated servers for South African players, the local Gears of War 3 community is, for all intents and purposes, just as strong as it was last year and this was plain to see during last night’s crushing Gears of War Wednesday matches!

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There was a great turnout as players of all skill levels headed online to dive into rounds of hectic deathmatch games. It was as if the servers were still around, doing their work and whispering reassuringly into our internet connections… sigh

We’ve decided to bring the weekly Gears of War Wednesday posts back to life after a lengthy holiday in the great beyond to further help the community get into games and get us all ready for Judgment Day. We admit it was getting rather scrowdy-row over the last few weeks but we hope to help makes things a bit easier for the community.

Here’s a list of players we saw Gnashing it up during Gears of War Wednesday matches last night – apologies if your nick is spelled incorrectly or your name isn’t included, we were having too much fun to scribble down participants last night, but it’ll be business as usual from next week:

  • Lowcust ZA
  • Blackwiddow01
  • Bull3tsaint
  • Ninjascreed22
  • jGLZA
  • PabloHoneyZA
  • FrostBite ZA
  • satin06
  • FLS Spartan 117
  • v3lociti
  • TheMEKMaster
  • LikeAnAngel ZA
  • NORR3
  • BogusHenry
  • FLS Legacy
  • El33tOliver
  • z00bear
  • zeeman360
  • FLS Voogle
  • Fatal Fracture
  • FLS Vengence
  • Mainsteyn09

Please let me know if your name is incorrect and I’ll right the wrong right away!

Thanks to everyone for playing!

We would also like to invite your suggestions for future Gears of War Wednesday evenings and ask for your assistance in hosting lobbies due to the loss of the servers. It’s become very difficult trying to get into a match when we’ve got so many great players jostling for spots, so your help would be appreciated.

What are your thoughts on the future of Gears Wednesday and how can we (and you) help make it easier for players to join matches? Let us work together on this and get back to the fun of Gears!

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