Truth… or Legend? A shocking quest to discover Columbia, an infinite journey to find Comstock

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In 1893, some of the world’s greatest minds and inventors gathered for the World’s Columbian Exposition to reveal their creations and innovations to their peers, and the world.

One exhibit at the expo, however, loomed high above those who attended the event: The floating city of Columbia. The results of years of design, planning and painstaking hard work by one Zachary Comstock, Columbia soon became a force to be reckoned with, as well as a point of pride for the United States of America, before relations between Columbia and the US government broke down.

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Following a skirmish in China in 1901, Columbia disappeared into the skies and away from US control, and while the enormous floating city was thought to have been spirited away for good, a piece of the ship was recently found high in the mountains after having fallen from the sky.

Where is Columbia now? And what of Comstock and his fortunes? Embark on a quest for truth in this infinitely thought-provoking and shockingly fascinating documentary below:

Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus?

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