El33t’s Question of the Day: What’s next for Warren Spector and Disney Interactive?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

Late yesterday we learned of the unfortunate closure of Junction Point Studios, the house that Warren Spector and Disney Epic Mickey built, following an overall lukewarm reception to the developer’s latest title, Disney Epic Mickey 2.

This is certainly not the last time we’ll hear from Spector, an industry luminary in his own right, nor does the studio closure mark the end for Disney Interactive and its push into videogames, so our Question of the Day asks:

What’s next for Warren Spector and Disney Interactive?

Warren Spector’s love for making games, as well as new worlds, characters and methods of interaction may only be matched by his love of Austin, Texas and every studio he’s worked at has been located (or created specifically) in the city, so the chances of him moving out to find development work is unlikely.

The dire state of the Austin game development scene, however, may force Spector to take up consultancy work. Would Eidos Montreal consider speaking with Spector about the future of Deus Ex? Or will Spector form his own company again? Perhaps dip his toes into MMO development, a staple of Austin?

Disney Interactive, on the other hand, has Disney Infinity on the horizon and owns some of the most powerful and recognisable entertainment properties around, not only those it has created but Star Wars, too. It’s been rough for the publisher over the last few years as far as triple-A titles are concerned, but what games would be next for the publisher?

What’s the future for Warren Spector and where do you see Disney Interactive Studios moving in the next few months and years?

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