Battlefield Friday War Report: I feel betrayed…

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Everyone should know by now that I really like Friday because it is the start of another weekend, and more importantly, it’s Battlefield Friday. I always enjoy my Battlefield sessions – the action and the fun of gaming with buddies is awesome.

I started my BF3 Friday alone due to me starting a bit earlier than normal and I then managed to become an ‘Extreme Hoarder’ after picking up 50 weapons in Scavenger mode, but was then soon joined by GunnerJunkie and Smuroh.

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At the end of our match, we joined CrazyErick and Piglet DE for some classic map conquest action, but we soon discovered that Piglet betrayed us all by joining the enemy team. Well, let me stop there and tell you all a story (Dr Phil said I should talk about my feelings)…

During our match with Piglet on the enemy team, we had some great battles and almost everyone was deploying smoke screens so it would be harder to take an objective. Brave and crazy as I am, I rushed into the one set of smoke after I revived CrazyErick and I managed to gun down a couple of enemies. I don’t think they expected anyone to rush in like that, but then it happened. While I was busy taking the enemies out in the thick smoke, Piglet DE crept up to me and snagged my tags away from me. I felt so betrayed. Losing my tags is like the worst feeling I can get.

But the war continued.

After the ‘betrayal’ match, we all moved into the same team. What you will notice when that happens, we work as a well oiled machine and move as a dominant force over the battlefield. At one stage we had four tanks roaming the battlefield at once and all controlled by us. If it moved, we destroyed it. The most important thing about BF3 Friday is working as a team. All I can say about Friday is, ‘Achievement Unlocked – Worked as a Team.’

There were so many times we saved our fellow team-mates and sometimes we took the kill before s/he was de-tagged – it was great fun. Late in the evening, we were joined by Griff3nZA during some Gun Master matches and we all know how much he enjoys that mode. Before I forget, GunnerJunkie was kicked out of the one game, due to him killing the admins and claiming a position at the same time. They must have thought he was camping and they got annoyed with him, but he rejoined the match after that and managed to take revenge on one of the admins, by taking his tags.

Thanks to everyone who joined in on the battles on Friday, it was a very good start to the awesome weekend.

Soldiers on the Battlefield:

  • Piglet DE
  • CrazyErick
  • Smuroh
  • GunnerJunkie
  • Griff3nZA
  • POItjie

See you all on the Battlefield and Remember to Feel the Battle!

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