SEN Online Store launched in the US, overview trailer showcases slick layout

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Sony has spent the last few months redesigning the PlayStation Store and making it easier for its customers to purchase content by adding features such as PayPal support.

SEN Store US

Last month the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) Online Store launched in PAL territories, allowing users to browse and purchase PlayStation content from their web browser.

Now the service has expanded to North and South America, making it easier than ever for fans to access PS3, PS Vita and PSP content.

Grace Chen, director of the PlayStation Store, recently provided a visual overview of some the handy features of the SEN Online Store. Here’s the video:

Once you purchase content from the SEN Online Store you’ll need to visit your download list on PS3, PS Vita or PSP to get the ball rolling. Sony is currently working on a way for users to remotely download content to their PlayStation devices.

It’s also worth noting that not all browsers currently support the SEN Online Store, especially if you’re trying to access the website from a mobile device. However, I managed to get the site working on an iPad by using the Google Chrome app and selecting ‘Request Desktop Site’ from the settings menu.

Have you tried out the SEN Online Store yet? If so, what were your first impressions of the speed, layout and features of the site?

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