Battlefield Friday War Cry: The definition of war

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Last week we had a big turn out of soldiers for Battlefield Friday, and it was great fun. I for one was very, very rusty and didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but tonight I will battle it out until all the Battlefield 3 rust is gone and the awesome MVP Ribbon appears on my screen.

But I can’t do it without the help of one of the best squads in the world – yes, I am talking about the El33t Platoon.

Battlefield Friday

Tonight the battles will continue ‘till the early hours of the morning. It has been said that a certain soldier will be fighting with us until the very end and will make sure we are covered from his camping spot. Not forgetting that my reviving skills are still good, so I will do some crazy stuff to get to you and get you back into the battle! So with support like that, why not join us this evening?

In Battlefield Friday there is no such thing as a n00b or a Pro. We are soldiers, and it all comes down to who pulls the trigger first. Don’t have all the maps? Don’t worry, we will play on the maps you have and if we land on a map you don’t have then we will just select a different server.

So join us: POItjie aka ‘The Destroyer,’ Smuroh aka ‘The Camper,’ CrazyErick aka ‘The Crazy Mechanic,’ Piglet DE aka ‘Mother of Revives’ and GunnerJunkie aka ‘The Stabber.’

The war begins at 8:15pm on Xbox LIVE. So are you ready to Feel the Battle?!

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