Halo 4 Thursday: Let the War Games begin!

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Halo 4 War Games are epically fast and the battles can change at any second. Last week, we decided to jump online and invite bunch of friends into Halo 4 multiplayer, and we had a great turn-out.

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This was also the first time Battlefield Friday players faced off against Gears of War Wednesday players in a totally different game and we saw some good, skilled players playing Halo 4.

Today we’re sending out an invite to you all to join us tonight on Xbox LIVE at 8:30pm for some epic Halo 4 action – we call all Spartans to join in the War Games!

Join me Spartan POItjie and my fellow Spartan Smuroh on the virtual battlefield for some epic Capture the Flag matches, Infinity Slayer and Regicide. We might even throw in some Grifball for fun.

Let the War games begin!

(Also needle Halo 4 regulars from Crimson Moon Rising, including jGLZA, to get into the games! – Ed)

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