Xbox LIVE Arcade Update: The Cave

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It only took a few years of secrecy and a couple decades for the idea to percolate, but The Cave from Ron Gilbert and Double Fine is out now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace!

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Ron Gilbert (Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island) is certainly deserving of his recognition as a game industry luminary and his adventure games of the past have provided millions of gamers with epic stories to hear and brain crushing puzzles to solve. With The Cave, Gilbert is doing his part to bring adventure games into the modern era, wrapped in a platformer that’s easy to get to grips with.

Find out if you’ll be investing some time in The Cave with a trailer, screenshots, pricing information and an official description below:

The Cave

  • Price: 1200 MS Points

  • File Size: 1010.70 MB

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“Assemble your team of three from seven unlikely adventurers, each with their own unique personalities and stories, then descend into the mysterious depths to explore locations including a subterranean amusement park and a medieval castle, not to mention a fully armed and ready-to-launch nuclear tipped ICBM. The Cave awaits.”

The Cave – Character Trailer

The Cave Screenshot 1

The Cave Screenshot 2

The Cave Screenshot 3

The Cave Screenshot 4

The Cave Screenshot 5

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