We Can’t Hold Them All: A round-up of exciting Nintendo Direct reveals – new Zelda, Yoshi and Mario games unveiled, and much more

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The latest Nintendo Direct video streaming event recently concluded but not before bringing with it masses of incredibly exciting news for Wii U owners to look forward to now and in the future.

There’s no way we can hold all of these Nintendo Direct announcements, so we’ve rounded up the major reveals below to help you get up to speed quickly, but we’ll be taking more in-depth looks at them all soon, too.

Let’s begin.

Nintendo Logo - Large (Grey)

Two New Wii U Zelda Games for the Modern Era

Amongst the most exciting of the Nintendo Direct announcements was the reveal of no less than two new Wii U games based in world of The Legend of Zelda. Director Eiji Aonuma confirmed that an all-new Zelda game was in the works for Wii U (a game that will break away from traditional Zelda conventions), but while we wait for information on that game, he announced The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD, with screenshots of the game to boot!

Look over the just-released images of Windwaker HD over here, and then watch the announcement video:

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and more (Wii U)

Yoshi has a New Yarn to Tell

Nintendo also revealed a new entry to the lovable Yoshi series, this time created by the team behind the amazing Wii game, Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

Called Yarn Yoshi, the game is the first to star Yoshi as the main character since the release of Yoshi’s Story in 1998 and is helmed by that game’s director, Takashi Tezuka.

Here’s a small taste of things to come in Yarn Yoshi:

Yarn Yoshi Teaser Image

Yoshi Wii U – Gameplay Footage

Mario Kart Wii U Heading to the Track

If you thought that we had seen the last of Mario Kart after the series appearances on Wii and 3DS, think again, because Nintendo has confirmed that a new Mario Kart racer is in development, and will be playable at E3 this year

More Super Mario Adventures Planned

No Nintendo console in the modern era would be complete without a unique fully 3D Super Mario adventure, and Nintendo EAD Tokyo Software Development (the team behind Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land) is using its ultra creative talents to craft a brand new Mario title for Wii U – look to E3 this year for more!

A Monstrous Mash-up of Blockbuster RPGs

The Wii U will also play host to a mighty mash-up of monstrously popular RPGs with the release of a game that combines both the Shin-Megami Tensie and the Fire Emblem series into one title! Watch the debut trailer for the title below:

Shin-Megami Tensei – Fire Emblem – new title (Wii U)

A New Pikmin 3 Feature Revealed

We all know that Pikmin 3 is due for release this year on Wii U, but Nintendo revealed a cool feature that the development team will be including the game – a photo mode!

Using the Wii U GamePad, you’ll be able to aim and snap photos while in the game, from the perspective of the Pikmin themselves to get pictures of the landscape from the ground, before sharing those photos in MiiVerse!

Simply Smashing

We’ve seen neither hide nor hair of the next Super Smash Bros. from Nintendo and Masahiro Sakurai, but Nintendo Direct promised that development on the Wii U instalment of the series is progressing well and we’ll catch our first glimpses of the game at E3 this year – about time!

A Monolithic New RPG From Monolith Soft

Wii U owners won’t have to worry about a lack of role-playing games for the system with the announcement that Tetsuya Takahashi and his team at Monolith Soft (who created Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii) are working on a new game – check out the debut teaser trailer below:

Monolith Soft – new game in development (Wii U)

You Can’t Stop the Wii Party

The ultra popular and successful Wii Party series will continue in Wii U with a new instalment due for release a little later this year. Various play styles are promised, with one competitive mode pitting players against each other by using the GamePad alone. Intriguing.

An Exemplary Collection of Characters

Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Vanquish) continues to put work into the studio’s highly anticipated Wii U exclusive action game, The Wonderful 101, and Nintendo Direct brought with it an excellent new trailer for the game – watch below:

The Wonderful 101 – Trailer (Wii U)

A Closer look at Bayonetta 2, too

Platinum Games isn’t just working on a single Wii U exclusive with The Wonderful 101, but another title that fans will be clamouring for – Bayonetta 2!

A new video shown during Nintendo Direct went behind the scenes of the game’s development where we learned more about its creation – watch below:

Bayonetta 2 – Development team in action (Wii U)

The Wii U Virtual Console? We’ve Been Expecting You…

Arriving with a ‘Spring’ system update for the Wii U, Nintendo will be adding the long-awaited Virtual Console to Nintendo’s eShop on Wii U. The serivce will include games from the NES and Super NES era, with Game Boy Advance games to be added in the future. Prices for these games are said to be the same as those on the Wii.

In addition, if you’ve already bought a Virtual Console game on the Wii, you can transfer it to the Wii U and get the enhanced Wii U version for a small fee.

Wii U Speed Improvements and an Expanding MiiVerse

Since launch, the Wii U has been hampered by slow loading speeds in the menus of the console, but Nintendo hopes to remedy the situation with two major updates due in the ‘Spring’ and ‘Summer’ of this year.

“The updates will introduce a wide range of functionality,” says Nintendo, “such as Virtual Console capabilities and shortening the time it takes users to launch software or return to the menu screen.

Additionally, following the ‘Spring’ update Wii U owners will be able to browse their MiiVerse from their smartphone, with a dedicated application planned for the future.

That’s a Wrap(-up)

You can watch the full Wii U focussed Nintendo Direct presentation in a video below, which includes all of the above announcements in a 35 minute video – enjoy:

Wii U Direct Presentation – 23.01.2013

Which of today’s Nintendo Direct announcements and reveals capture your imagination the most? Which newly unveiled game are you most looking forward to playing on Wii U?

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