Gears of War: Judgment to include tokens for original Gears of War, new overview trailer reveals campaign details and more

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Microsoft has just announced that when the upcoming Gears of War: Judgment from Epic and People Can Fly hits store shelves in March, the crushing action game will include a special extra in the box.

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If you’re looking to get Gears of War: Judgment on March 19th (in the US) and March 22nd (in Europe and the UK), you’ll also receive a download token to redeem the original Gears of War off of Xbox LIVE, “offering fans and newcomers alike a fantastic way to experience the iconic game that started it all.”

If you’re living in Germany, however, you’re out of luck on that freebie seeing as how the first game in the series was never sold in the country due to rating restrictions.

“Why here? Why now?”

Why would Microsoft include a game that most Gears players would presumably have played? According to internal research, over half of those who played Gears of War 3 never played the original title, which is why the publisher thinks it’s a great idea to fill everyone in on the adventures of Marcus and his crew following on from the prequel shenanigans of Lt. Baird in Gears of War: Judgment.

Gears of War: Judgment Image

Microsoft, Epic and People Can Fly marked the announcement with a brand new trailer for Gears of War: Judgment titled ‘The Guts of Gears,’ which details the game’s campaign, new weapons, and more features we can expect in March – watch below:

Gears of War: Judgment – The Guts of Gears Overview Trailer

Will you be picking up Gears of War: Judgment on release in March? Or are you worried about the developer’s direction with features cut from the multiplayer?

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