Battlefield Friday War Report: The reptile was found

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Battlefield Friday: Where one late reload can save a life or cause death, one grenade can bring a double kill and insane stunts with a tank are the order of the day.

Speaking of tanks, I have to tell you, never let Smuroh drive a tank. We were on a map and I spawned on his location as the gunner of the tank. He drove over a ‘cliff’ and crashed the tank up-side down. How is that even possible?

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In last week’s Battlefield War Cry, we gave a small challenge of finding the reptile. I can proudly say the reptile has been found. Well, it was found by accident as I was trying to get into cover and not die, but all I can tell you is that it is on the level ‘Epicenter.’ After the reptile was found, we moved on to classic maps as we had some players without the downloadable content, but it was still an epic trip.

We had a big turn out on Friday – so many soldiers heard the War Cry. We even had one soldier join, only to forget to get the latest update, and he sadly only joined when the war was over. Smuroh, on the other hand, had an awesome moment where he got a 480m+ headshot which demonstrated his amazing camping skills, I mean sniper skills.

I was epically rusty on Friday, but my team helped me out. You know you’ve got backup when eight out of twelve soldiers are on your friends list. Some soldiers were even trying to loot everything, but sadly it did not help. When the battles were over and the dust had settled, there were two soldiers remaining. Then some co-op missions were attempted.

Thanks to everyone who joined in on the action!

Soldiers on the Battlefield:

  • CrazyErick
  • Smuroh
  • Piglet DE
  • Randomwalsh
  • GunnerJunkie
  • El33tOliver
  • RazorbladeZA
  • Drtv8derZA
  • RowanatorZA
  • POItjie

See you all Friday again for some more epic battles and remember to feel the battle!

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