Anarchy Reigns Review (PlayStation 3)

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The announcement of Anarchy Reigns came at a perfect time for Platinum Games, shortly after the release of Vanquish the year before, which itself followed Bayonetta earlier in 2010. While MadWorld for the Wii was an interesting title, it was these two games that put the Japanese developer on the map for gamers and the industry at large.

Anarchy Reigns seemed to include all of the personality and over-the-top action we had come to expect from Platinum, but weeks turned to months and after two release delays and a Japanese launch in 2012, the studio’s next action game, and its vision for a ‘Multiplayer Brawler,’ has hit the West. In the wake of Vanquish and Bayonetta, is this ‘the next’ Platinum Games action title we’ve been waiting for?

While anarchy does indeed reign, it’s unfortunately only a temporary pretender to the throne despite the frenetic fun I had with Anarchy Reigns.

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