UK Nintendo eShop Update for January 17th: Tokyo Crash Mobs, Zombie Skape

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This week’s eShop offering features two puzzle games and two titles revolving around the undead. Tokyo Crash Mobs looks like a fun and original take on the ubiquitous colour-matching formula while Zombie Skape combines skateboarding and zombies to create yet another quirky mash-up.

Here’s this week’s Update in full:

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  • Tokyo Crash Mobs – £5.39 / €5.99

    • Don’t get caught up in the crowd ‒ clear the queue and show everyone you mean business! Match different-coloured characters, use peculiar power-ups and head for the front of the line in Tokyo Crash Mobs, a crazy action puzzle game available to download for Nintendo 3DS from Nintendo eShop. Playing through stages set across three different ‘weeks’, our heroes Savannah and Grace battle against the hordes of colour-coded ‘scenesters’ in a race to clear the queue. Use the Touch Screen to fling or roll more of them into the line, matching up groups of three or more of the same colour to create a clique and remove them from the queue. The quicker you match, the faster you’ll be at the front; if the queue gets too long though, you’ll be sucked into outer space by a black hole! Thankfully, you can use all kinds of mad power-ups to help you survive the stampede. Send a UFO flying to abduct all the scenesters of one colour from the queue, put up the Magic Umbrella to change the colour of everyone’s clothes, put down Barricades to stop the line moving for a short time and more besides! And when the end of each week comes, be ready for a boss battle like no other! Face off against deadly ninjas, using the motion controls of Nintendo 3DS to literally tilt the action in your favour!
      As wacky as it is addictive, Tokyo Crash Mobs is one madcap game. Whether you’re flinging scenesters, lobbing yarn balls or chucking ninjas, it’s the kind of puzzle action title that’ll keep your head spinning!

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  • Mahjong Mysteries: Ancient Athena – £4.49 / €4.99

    • Accompany a famous adventurer on his most mysterious mission yet – the one that will change everything! Follow the trail of ancient heroes, past the Oracle of Delphi and the Theatre of Dionysus to experience the mystery of the Gods of Olympus! Discover the treasures of this once magnificent culture, but don’t let your guard down… you’re not alone! Only by correctly combining the symbols will you complete all 300 Mahjong levels. Play in Adventure Mode, choose your favourite board in classic Mahjong or try one of 10 variations. Enjoy the mystic atmosphere!

Mahjong Mysteries: Ancient Athena Screenshot 1


  • Zombie Skape – £1.79 / €1.99 / 200 Nintendo Points

    • Ethan was skateboarding in the park as usual. He practised a lot every evening. His dream was to become number one, and imitate his great idol Johnny Eagle, the best skater of all time. One night, as he practised, something strange was happening… Without knowing why, Ethan was surrounded by lots of zombies. It was a nightmare. Now he will have to put everything he has learned through skateboarding into practice to survive.

Zombie Skape Screenshot 1

WiiWare Demos

  • Vampire Crystals

    • Once upon a time, in a place called Creepyland, zombies and vampires co-existed peacefully ‒ vampires kept the zombies well drained by sucking their blood and zombies ate the vampires that died from old age or illness. But one fateful day, all that changed… Transform yourself into a brave vampire and lead the fight against the ruthless zombies. Destroy everything you come across, including the scenery! Gather weapons and items to help you in your adventure, and enjoy an exciting Story mode with three different worlds and final enemies. Co-op mode and three multiplayer modes allow you to play with up to four players, so you can battle along with your friends and family.

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  • NBA 2K13 (Wii U)

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