Battlefield Friday War Cry: Find the Reptile

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I first want to say sorry about last week. I had some bad technical issues with my Xbox LIVE connection, so I was sadly not on the battlefield. I was super sad about it, but tonight I will be making up for it.

Battlefield Friday

We all have played so many Battlefield 3 matches as a team that we know what the other one will be doing before s/he does it. You can say we play as one person, but with multiple characters, and there is always room for more! The game has gone into it’s second year of running and given us the fun that is Battlefield Friday.

Tonight’s mission is find the reptile and destroy everything that gets in your way. If you get shot down, then we will do our best and revive you. So join us for some epic action on the Battlefield.

Join the Battlefield Friday veterans:

  • POItjie
  • Smuroh
  • Griff3nZA
  • CrazyErick
  • Piglet DE
  • GunnerJunkie
  • RowanatorZA

So if you have Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 and you play online, then there is no reason not to join us this evening. Don’t have all the maps? Don’t worry, we will play on the maps that you have. See you all on the battlefield from 8:15pm – and that is an order!

Feel the Battle!

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