Blood-spattered, grease-stained Deadpool screens look you in the eye

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Deadpool: The Game Banner Logo

In the world of comic books, Deadpool is very unique in that he acts as a reflection for the crazy, over-the-top action and events readers generally just take for granted and accept as ‘normal.’

His method of breaking the fourth wall and revealing his thoughts to comic book readers has been used to great effect on paper, and even in the latest Marvel VS Capcom game, but now the action star will be getting his own game where he’ll be free to unleash his biting (and somewhat crass) quips to make sure you know he’s in on the joke.

Deadpool: The Game Screenshot 1

The latest set of screenshots for Deadpool: The Game show the comic book hero (and one time villain) in his element, hacking up enemies, guzzling down pizza (how?) and staring his audience straight in the eyes!

Are you looking forward to Deadpool this year?

Deadpool: The Game Screenshot 2

Deadpool: The Game Screenshot 3

Deadpool: The Game Screenshot 4

Deadpool: The Game Screenshot 5

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