Streamlined Xbox LIVE region-switching now available

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Xbox LIVE users can now reap the benefits of Microsoft’s improved region-switching service that was in beta earlier this month, making it possible to change the region associated with your profile in just a few easy steps.

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You can switch between regions once every three months, with the following items making the transition along with your gamertag:

  • Your gamerscore, unlocked achievements, and the rest of your Xbox LIVE profile

  • Any Microsoft Points already in your account

  • Any remaining time on your Gold membership

Microsoft warns that some content and services won’t be able to be migrated from one region to another. Here’s the company’s cautionary list:

  • Some services you use now might not be available in your new region. To find info about services, like TV providers, available in a specific region, visit the website for that region. (To find that other region’s website, click the name of your current region at the bottom of any page.)

  • Xbox Music subscriptions can’t be moved. If you have a current Xbox Music subscription, it will be cancelled as part of the move. Any subscription time remaining can’t be refunded.

  • Some content may be blocked in the new region because of legal obligations or regional restrictions. Before you change your region, make sure you’ve downloaded any purchased content you want to keep, like movies or music. Content purchases aren’t refundable.

Head over here to access’s Account Migration hub.

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