Who will be venturing into Pandora with a buddy? Borderlands 2 winners are here!

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Borderlands 2…

There aren’t a whole lot of letter and number combinations in the world of videogames that are able to conjure up the raw excitement as those above, but that collection is definitely one of them – Borderlands 2

The planet of Pandora plays host to all manner of high adventure and life-threatening delights, and those who have delved into the looting and shooting action of Borderlands 2 will be able to attest to the game’s addictive, over-the-top insanity complete with earth-shaking robots, overwhelming alien enemies and flaming, barfing skag creatures. This game is nuts!

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El33tonline recently gave our readers a chance to visit Pandora for yourself, with an additional ticket to the action for a buddy, and after levelling ourselves up to 50, rifling through skag ‘leavings’ and cleaning pieces of Terramorphous off of our clothes, we’re ready to announce the winners!

Congratulations to greatwyt who has won two copies of Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360, and Abduxuel who has won two copies of the game for PlayStation 3 – all the better to take a friend into the dangers of Pandora!

El33tonline would like to say a big ol’ thank-you to everyone for entering our Borderlands 2 competition, and thanks to Megarom Games for providing us with the games to give away!

If you’re not quite sure that Borderlands 2 is all that and a bag of chips, then Lisa’s outstanding review of the game will do its bit to convince you. Also check out a new trailer for the game’s just-released add-on content, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt!

… Borderlands 2… shivers

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