Spelunking for the Truth: Ron Gilbert’s The Cave gets a release date

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Ron Gilbert and his team at Double Fine have been diligently working on the crew’s upcoming adventure game, The Cave, but despite a spot of character and gameplay reveals, a final release date for the game has still not been forthcoming… until today!

The adventure game legend and lead creative on The Cave announced the news himself on his Twitter account, posting:

“This just in: The Cave PSN + Wii U on Jan 22 and XBLA + Steam on Jan 23. Plus… Mac and Linux on Steam Play!!”

The Cave Screenshot 2

So to recap – The Cave will be out:

  • For Xbox 360 over Xbox LIVE on January 23rd

  • For PC over Steam on January 23rd

  • For PlayStation 3 owners in the US and Europe over PlayStation Network on January 22nd and 23rd respectively

  • For Wii U owners over the online store on January 23rd

On Xbox LIVE, The Cave will cost 1200 MS Points and everywhere else you’ll be able to get it for $14.99 – here’s a quick overview of the game’s premise, with a story/character trailer to follow it up:

“Players can assemble their team of three from seven unlikely adventures, each with their own unique personalities and stories, and then descend into the mysterious depths of The Cave.”

The Cave – Full Character Trailer

The Cave Screenshot 3

The Cave Screenshot 4

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The Cave Screenshot 8

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