New Borderlands 2 patch met with Xbox 360 errors – will today’s DLC be affected?

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[Update No. 1] Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt is out now for Xbox 360, with an action-packed launch trailer introducing a new main bad guy – watch it now! [End of Update No. 1]

[Update No. 2] The Borderlands 2 compatibility pack for Xbox 360 is now available and ready for download – enjoy Sir Hammerlock’s adventures, everybody! [End of Update No. 2]

Gearbox recently treated Borderlands 2 players to a handful of special events and increased chances to discover legendary loot while exploring Pandora, all in the run-up to the release of today’s latest downloadable content, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt.

To get everyone ready for the DLC, Gearbox also rolled out a compatibility patch for Borderlands 2 ahead of the new content’s release, but Xbox 360 gamers are having troubles getting the update – will this affect the release of today’s DLC? We certainly hope not…

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Posting on the official Gearbox Twitter account, the developer announced the compatibility pack:

“A new Compatibility Pack for Borderlands 2 is currently rolling out on Xbox 360 in advance of tomorrow’s Sir Hammerlock campaign add-on.”

But it wasn’t long before the team discovered the problem that players were having, posting:

“We’re looking into the errors some are encountering while downloading the Compatibility Pack on Xbox 360. Details as we have them.”

Worrying indeed.

At the time of writing, Gearbox and Microsoft still hadn’t resolved the issue, but the team has extended the special Borderlands 2 ‘Gear Up’ event as a result of the problems.

We hope to be checking out the latest DLC adventures in Borderlands 2 later today as we accept a major mission from the game’s British adventurer in Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, but we’re hoping the compatibility pack issues don’t put a damper on our fun.

Will you be playing Borderlands 2 tonight?

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