El33t’s Question of the Day: Will you be playing Devil May Cry today?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

Following on from Ninja Theory’s groundbreaking work on Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, the British developer’s latest action game has been released in the form of DmC, a brand new entry to the beloved Devil May Cry series.

Despite scepticism over Capcom’s choice of developer and a few concerns voiced by fans, DmC: Devil May Cry has turned out to be every bit as excellent as we had imagined, as Lisa’s review of the game can attest – read it now!

But doubts remain, and besides, there are other games to consider now and in the future, so this Question of the Day asks:

Will you be playing Devil May Cry today?

Have you been a die-hard fan of the Devil May Cry series and are a little concerned about Ninja Theory’s effort? Are there other games that have caught your eye that you’re saving your cash for in the future? Have you been looking forward to DmC since it was announced?

We really can’t stress it enough – read Lisa’s DmC review to help make up your mind. By the end of it, you may just find yourself convinced to cough up the cash!

Also be sure to answer El33tonline’s latest Facebook poll question and let the community know which Devil May Cry games you’ve played in the past!

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