New God of War: Ascension developer diary explores the challenge of making multiplayer work

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God of War: Ascension Screenshot 4

God of War: Ascension’s competitive component is already out in the wild thanks to the recent launch of the multiplayer beta for PlayStation Plus members. The beta serves up a decent slice of the game’s multiplayer mode so you can decide for yourself whether this unexpected addition is an asset or a liability to the latest entry in the God of War series.

Santa Monica Studio recently released a new developer diary for God of War: Ascension, this time focusing on how the game’s multiplayer component was handled entirely in-house, and on how challenging it was for the team to create a compelling online God of War experience that has minimal lag and exemplary matchmaking.

Take a look below:

God of War: Ascension will be released exclusively for PS3 on March 12th in the US and March 15th in the UK. Feel free to browse through El33tonline’s previous coverage of the game, including our hands-on preview of this brutal action adventure.

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