El33t’s Question of the Day: What game series do you want to become a movie?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

In light of the recent news that a potential Shadow of the Colossus movie has gained momentum, along with Ubisoft’s attempts to create in-house movies based on their properties and the fact that Activision isn’t keen on a film version of Call of Duty, this Question of the Day asks:

What game series do you want to become a movie?

We all know that movies based on games aren’t always terrific (or even good), but there have been a few examples of enjoyable films being created that are based on the interactive franchises that we love.

Basing a movie directly on the events and characters of a videogame franchise seems to be the wrong approach, however, and movie writers and directors should instead look to a game’s universe for inspiration for their own work, rather than directly copy something a developer has written and created, adding depth to that franchise in the process.

Do you agree?

With all of this in mind, what game (or game series) would you most like to see become a movie?

Also be sure to answer our latest Facebook poll question and let the community know which is your favourite movie based on a game!

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