Battlefield Friday War Cry: Rise like the Phoenix

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There is only one way I would go into battle, and that is with the best squad mates a squad leader can ask for. Tonight is no different. The battles continue in Battlefield 3 Friday.

Battlefield Friday

Tonight we will do everything in our power to secure victory and destroy all the glass that comes in our way. Like the Phoenix we will rise again (with a little help from me and from Piglet’s revives), and defend or attack the objective the best we can.

Join us for the most epic battles you will ever see. Join the ranks of CrazyErick, Piglet DE, GunnerJunkie, RowanatorZA, Griff3nZA and our team camper Smuroh. I will also be there to fight on the front lines. You are either with us or you’re with us.

See you all on Xbox LIVE at twenty hundred hours (8pm) for some epic battles. Just remember to FEEL THE BATTLE and have fun. HUH RAH!!!!

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