SimCity’s sweeping, bustling intro video readies us for city building duty

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Do you reckon you’re ready for the job of crafting a hustling and bustling metropolis in the upcoming city building simulation, SimCity?

Before you get too gung-ho about your suitability for the task of city creation and management, you might want to watch this sweeping introduction video for the next excellent game from Maxis… then you can get gung-ho all over again!

SimCity – Introduction Video

SimCity is out for PC and Mac in North America on March 5th and in Europe on March 8th, and despite the apparent complexity of the game, Maxis has made it incredibly easy for even novice players to get into the nuts and bolts of the title.

Read El33tonline’s two hands-on previews here and here, and look over our previous coverage, to find out most everything you need to know about this extraordinarily exciting simulation.

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