Retro City Rampage dated for PS3 and PS Vita in Europe

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It seems as though everyone has been getting excited about the retro-themed title, Retro City Rampage, as Vblank Entertainment’s open-world action game has so far made its way onto the PC, the North American PlayStation Store and Xbox LIVE Arcade.

But what about European PSN gamers?

Retro City Rampage Banner

Luckily, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita owners in Europe, the UK and Asian territories will also be able to discover the classic themes and inspirations behind Retro City Rampage very soon, thanks to a release date announcement for these regions. The official Retro City Rampage Twitter account spouted:

“Retro City Rampage for PS3/PS Vita hits UK/Europe/Asia January 16th (next week)!”

Not very long to wait until then, and thanks to the game’s support of the PS3 and PS Vita’s Cross-Buy and Cross-Save functionality, you’ll be able to buy one copy of the game on either system and continue to play on the other from where you last saved!

You can look over El33tonline’s past peeks at Retro City Rampage to find out why you should keep an eye on the game, but this trailer sums things up nicely, too:

Retro City Rampage – Official Trailer

Also watch this (somewhat aged) video interview with the game’s creator and learn more about its features on PS Vita:

Retro City Rampage – PS Vita Interview

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