Legendary Pokemon X and Pokemon Y creatures get names, screens

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Hardcore Pokemon fans the world over (and even those who have cooled on the series) received an exciting surprise announcement yesterday with the reveal of a new pair of games, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, specifically created for the Nintendo 3DS.

Pokemon X and Y Banner Logo

Releasing in October 2013, Pokemon X and Y marks the first time the main branch of the franchise moves fully into the third dimension, while a new trio of starters and more new Pokemon are promised in the dual titles.

Following the announcement, Nintendo has revealed details on two of the Legendary Pokemon that will feature in Pokemon X and Y, namely the stag-looking Xerneas and the sky-darkening Yveltal.

You can get glimpses of the pair in the debut trailer for the games, but these freeze frame shots will last longer:


Pokemon X and Y Screenshot - Legendary Xerneas


Pokemon X and Y Screenshot - Legendary Yveltal

Lookin’ magestic.

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