El33t’s Question of the Day: What was your main gaming platform in 2012?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

We all have our favourites and gaming platforms are no different, and even if we’re truly platform agnostic and own all of the consoles and devices that can give us our fix, it’s natural that we would gravitate towards one or the other again and again.

This Question of the Day asks:

“What was your main gaming platform in 2012?”

Did you crave gaming on-the-go and leisurely outings with the 3DS, PS Vita, a smartphone or tablet? Did the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PC beckon you towards them more often than the rest?

Do you own multiple platforms, and if you do, why do you think you played more on one device over the other? Are there features and games you prefer to play on one console or are friends online a factor for you?

What gaming platform did you spend the most time with in 2012 and why do you think that is?

You can also answer El33tonline’s latest Facebook poll and share your platform preferences with the community.

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