Take control of your fears in Dead Space 3 with Kinect – demonstration video reveals voice commands

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Late last year it was revealed that 2013’s Dead Space 3 would include the chance to take control of miscellaneous in-game functions with voice commands if you’re playing the Xbox 360 version of the game with Kinect.

While eyeballs rolled and the deafening silence of disinterest muffled the gaming world, it is worth mentioning that these voice commands are entirely optional and, like EA’s Mass Effect 3 before it, can lead to some pretty neat situations and a new level of interaction with the game.

To further demonstrate the use of voice commands in Dead Space 3 with Kinect, EA and developer Visceral Games have released a demonstration video showcasing the technology in action, with options to heal up, reload, find objectives and help co-operative partners all available.

Watch below:

Dead Space 3 – Kinect Compatibility Trailer

Have you ever tried to play a game using voice commands, either with Kinect or a microphone. There have been a few games that have tried to ‘immerse’ players by interacting with voice, including 2012’s Binary Domain.

Will you try voice commands in Dead Space 3? The game’s out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on February 5th in North America and February 8th in Europe, while a demo is promised for this month, too.

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