PlayStation 2 production discontinued worldwide

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Sony has announced that production of the PlayStation 2 has ceased worldwide, almost thirteen years after the phenomenally successful console made its debut on March 4th 2000 in Japan.

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The PS2 is far and away the best selling home console of all time, having sold roughly 155 million units compared to second-placed PSone which has sold around 102 million units. The PS2’s game library consists of almost 11 000 titles, while combined software sales stand at a whopping 1.52 billion units.

The console’s launch line-up included games such as Ridge Racer V, Tekken Tag Tournament, Timesplitters and SSX, and its immense popularity during the years following its introduction ensured that classic titles such as Grand Theft Auto III, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Silent Hill 2 were available on the PS2 before other platforms.

The top five best-selling titles on PS2 are comprised exclusively of Grand Theft Auto and Gran Turismo games, with GTA: San Andreas taking top spot with over 17 million copies sold.

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