Fight, Fly, Crow… and Die? Latest Bioshock Infinite screens run the gamut

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Bioshock Infinite Screenshot 1

Bear with me here. It’s very warm on this late afternoon.

The latest released screenshots for Irrational’s oft-delayed Bioshock Infinite once again showcase a variety of different situations you might find yourself faced with, from fending off book-based attacks by Elizabeth and fighting off enemies with automatic weapons, to flying through the air attached to the game’s Sky Hook transit system and creeping through what looks like a mausoleum.

You’ll be crowing for more once you’re done perusing these new images from Bioshock Infinite, and you can do just that by looking over El33tonline’s mounds of previous coverage, with moving pictures and other details also included.

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot 2

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot 3

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot 4

Bioshock Infinite is now due for release on March 26th – will you be hooking yourself a copy on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC?

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