Exciting Remember Me trailer delivers fight sequences you won’t forget

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Remember Me Banner Logo

We first heard about Capcom and Dontnod’s sci-fi action adventure title Remember Me at gamescom 2012, and we managed to get our hands on two more gameplay demonstrations following its reveal to give us a clearer idea of one of the most intriguing games of 2013.

Today, Capcom has delivered a brand new gameplay video showing protagonist Nihil embarking on a new mission while climbing, fighting and shattering enemies – incredibly impressive with appropriately glitchy visuals to accompany the theme of digital memory espionage. Here’s an official description of the video from Capcom:

“Journey with Nilin in a brand new Remember Me gameplay video through Neo-Paris’ St Michel district before she comes face to face with one of the game’s unique bosses, Kid Xmas. He isn’t interested if Nilin has been naughty or nice as Kid Xmas is only here to deliver a beat down live on the Neo-Paris TV network.”

Remember Me delivers late Xmas present

Intrigued? We’ll be finding out a lot more about Remember Me over the coming months – what information do you want Capcom to fill you in on leading to release?

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