El33t’s Question of the Day: What games did you play over the holiday?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

We all made promises and related our hopes about the games that we would be playing over the holiday break, as we took a look at our backlogs to determine which titles we would dive into next… but did you get around to any of them?

This Question of the Day asks:

What games did you play over the holiday?

Were you able to whittle that backlog down a bit or did holiday cheer, household chores and time with family and friends absorb most of your free time over the break?

Which games did you play this holiday?

This Question of the Day was sent in by Lisa – thanks for the suggestion!

You should read Lisa’s latest El33tonline Editorial about the five games she managed to play during the break over here for inspiration for today’s question.

(If you have a Question of the Day that you would like to put to the El33tonline community, mail it to oliver[@] and we’ll send it out, with credit of course!)

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