Report: Improved Xbox LIVE region-switching software currently in beta

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If you’ve ever tried to switch your Xbox LIVE profile from one region to another you’ll know it’s a mighty pain in the neck (and a cramp in the hands), but Microsoft is taking steps to make the process a little easier, even allowing region-switching to become more frequent, if you choose…

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Consumer site NeoWin discovered that a tool to streamline the process of Xbox LIVE region porting is currently in beta testing, and will very simply allow you to transfer the following profile items from one region to another:

  • Gamerscore
  • Unlocked Achievements
  • “the rest of your Xbox LIVE profile”
  • Remaining time on your Xbox LIVE Gold account
  • Microsoft Points in your account

When switching regions, however, the following will not be transferable:

  • Certain services not available in your new desired region
  • Xbox Music subscriptions
  • Certain content that is blocked in your new desired region due to legal obligations or regional restrictions

According to NeoWin’s report, you’ll be able to move your Xbox LIVE profile between regions every three months using the new web-based porting tool, a process that can be completed in “just a few clicks,” but might take up to six weeks to be approved. Yikes.

Are you considering switching regions, either permanently or frequently? Xbox LIVE users in regions with limited content may see this as an opportunity to seek out games and other items not available in their Marketplace, and South African gamers in particular might wish to make use of the tool in the future.

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