Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition patch arrives in January to fix title update 7

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Despite the release of another mighty title update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition towards the end of 2012, its seems as though developer 4J Studios isn’t content to rest on its laurels and has pledged to release a new patch to fix some issues with the game’s Title Update 7.

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Before the holiday break, 4J posted on Twitter saying:

“We’ve been working on bug fixes for some problems people have found in TU7. A new update with fixes will be released in January.”

On the same day, 4J announced that it was going on holiday, but not before touting some impressive facts, writing:

“It’s been quite a year for 4J, releasing [Minecraft XBLA] and 7 TUs since May! We’re taking a break and will be back in 2013. Happy Christmas!”

Now that the team is back at work here in 2013, they’re looking through bugs reported for Title Update 7, with a much-discussed omission being addressed:

“… we’re going to change the code to ensure you get a Nether Fortress, Blazes and Nether Wart in the Nether in a new world”

Sounds important!

Were you playing Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition over the holidays? Did you encounter any major (or minor) bugs? What do you want to see added with Title Update 8?

Will you start referring to the next full update as ‘Title Upd8?’ I’m 100 percent sure that will become common parlance, so you should get in ahead of the curve.

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