Help Capcom determine its future digital releases with a quick survey

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Do you want to have a direct influence on the direction of Capcom’s future in the digital distribution of its games and content? Do you want to let the company know about the kinds of games you hope to see from its studios in the future?

Then don’t hesitate to take part in a ‘quick’ survey which aims to quiz you about your purchase intentions and buying habits to help the company form a solid digital content strategy for the future.

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Capcom Unity’s Sven sent out the word on the official blog, asking for Capcom fans to participate in the survey, the results of which he says “will be a factor in our decision making process.”

“Obviously, we have many opinions internally and we’re looking to gather some data about your buying habits and what franchises and even title types, you’d like us to make in the future,” Sven wrote.

“[To] that end, I’ve been allowed to share this survey with all of you. The survey will only take a few minutes of your time and it’s a great opportunity to let your voices be heard directly.”

He says that the compiled data will be handed over to Capcom Japan before the end of the year, so be sure to take that survey now (which is only ‘quick’ depending on your love of Capcom’s games and proposed remakes).

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