El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Happy Holidays From El33tonline!

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It’s the final Pre-W33kend Post of 2012 so we’ve made sure it’s nice and beefy – a delectable delight for you to sink your teeth straight into! What do members of El33tonline have planned for this weekend, the rest of 2012 and our holiday break? We could ask you the same question!

Let’s talk and read together, below:


Four days to go!

This time of year is incredibly busy for the Johnston household. First up in December is our wedding anniversary, then it’s our little girl Hope’s birthday (celebrated her two-year birthday yesterday, our little angel) and then it’s Jesus Christ’s birthday.

I have done 99% of the shopping for Christmas – even though I really hate the commercial brainwashing and impulse buying that happens this time of year, I continue to fall victim to it; the more you spend the more you save! I hope to spend the last four days playing Christmas music and watching Scrooged, Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Deck the Halls, Love Actually and Gremlins to get into the Christmas mood. Oh, and mince pies.

There’s a hoard of PC games needing loving homes and I have committed to doing a few so when I’ve confirmed what my stash is going to be I look forward to squeezing in some time there too.

Otherwise, it’s all about family and eating myself into a food coma, so wish me luck and hopefully see you on the otherwise of 2012 (erm, other side of 2013)…

One last thing – I sincerely hope my loved ones have snuck a little Rocksmith into my Christmas bundle so if that happens, it’s time to jam!

God bless us, everyone, and a Merry Christmas!”

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“Kalahari is currently racing the weekend (and the end of the world) and I am really hoping the Borderlands 2 makes it here by this afternoon. Then my weekend will be Borderlands 2.

It’s my birthday on Sunday. I’ll be 38. Wow. That’s old. Hoping to go for a cycle and a nice breakfast.

I finished From Dust last night (a little gem of a game on XBLA) and I might play that through again. Also, I am currently playing Rise of the Guardians with my two little dudes and that is a LOT of fun.

Also gotta prepare for Christmas. Fortunately I have done all my Christmas shopping so I can avoid shopping. Thank goodness.

Other than that I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and and awesome New Year although I hope to see you all online at least 100 times by then.”

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“2012 has been a year of overwhelming excellence for El33tonline and we barrelled into it all with a flood of reviews, previews and competitions (as is our wont), but that was just the beginning.

Lisa’s trip to Rome to cover Capcom’s Captivate 2012 event lead us to an unmissable opportunity to attend E3 2012, before tumbling into live coverage of gamescom 2012 and another incredible rAge 2012 event, while DBNGamers gatherings throughout the year ensured spirits remained high.

Over the course of this year, El33tonline’s amazing friends and readers have kept us motivated, inspiring us to continue to give nothing but our very best in bringing our coverage of this wacky world of videogames to your eyeballs.

Thank-you to each and every one of you for your fantastic support again in 2012, helping us to continue to grow from strength to strength. 2013 is already shaping up to be another year of records and firsts for El33tonline and you won’t want to miss what we have in store for you.

Happy holidays, everyone! Stay safe, stay gaming and stay tuned to El33tonline!”

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“While I’ve already snuck a few days of leave in, it’s good to head into this final stretch before Christmas and enjoy time with family and friends. It’s a time that sees me reflecting upon the past year, amazed at all of the blessings I have received and looking forward to new adventures in 2013.

When I’m not being all serious about life, the universe and everything in it, you’ll find me reading a good book, having a braai, and taking the dogs to the beach this holiday. Of course I’ll also be leaving as much time as possible to tackle that awesome pile of games that I have built up over the past year.

Happy Christmas to you p33ps. Have an awesome festive season!”

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What will you be up to this weekend and over the holiday break? Whatever it is, we hope it’s terrific and that you have a wonderful holiday, Christmas and New Year, too!

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