Battlefield Friday War Cry: Doomsday Aftermath

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Some believe the world is ending today, but some say it won’t. Well, I am here to tell you for certain that it’s Battlefield Friday!

I have been MIA for three weeks now, but I am back and I am ready to cause some trouble. I will be rusty, but I will make sure I will do anything to keep my squad alive and do my best to secure victory.

Battlefield Friday

Tonight I was thinking ‘Old School.’ Maybe we can play some classic maps with Rush or Team Deathmatch mixed with a little bit of Conquest. Maybe some Scavenger mode. Join me tonight with the squads of awesomeness and remind us all why we love Battlefield 3 so much and why it’s the ultimate game to play as a team. Will you hear the Call of … um, the Battlefield?

Join me, POItjie, and my squad: CrazyErick The Repair Man, Griff3nZA the Knife Champion, GunnerJunkie The Backstabber, RowanatorZA The Terminator and Piglet DE The Mother of Revives.

The battles will begin at 8:15pm tonight on Xbox LIVE. Please make sure you have all the multiplayer updates downloaded and installed. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the maps. We will play on the maps you have.

One last thing: Remember to Feel the Battle!

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