Not a Cheat: Saber announces God Mode with demonic co-op trailer

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Saber Interactive (Inversion, TimeShift), along with subsidiary Oldschool Games, has announced a new third-person shooter currently in the works that is due out as a digital release in early 2013 across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Are you ready to engage God Mode?

God Mode Banner Logo

The title harkens back to the old days of gaming when typing in a simple sequence of letters would make your character invincible, allowing you to breeze through whatever challenges lay in wait.

God Mode from Saber and Oldschool, however, is a co-operative third-person shooter set in demonic world where you play as a god who has fallen to the status of mere mortal thanks to the meddling of Hades. In order to escape eternal damnation, you’ll be tasked with fighting your way through the ‘Maze of Hades’ either on your own or with three friends

Promised features of God Mode include extensive character customisation, important weapon upgrades and environment destruction.

Speaking to IGN, Saber Interactive said that God Mode “doesn’t take itself too seriously. It is lighthearted fun and focuses on arcade style action over a deep story. I think this makes sense for downloadable games, where players are looking for some quick, thoughtless action.”

Saber Interactive also clarified Oldschool Games’ part in the process, saying that it’s a studio that Saber created in order to focus on “high quality, low-cost downloadable titles. The studio uses Saber’s technology and development platform to create games that look like retail products, but we have kept it as a separate and isolated studio to allow the team to focus exclusively on these types of games.” It seems as though God Mode will be the first of Oldschool’s titles.

Watch the debut announcement trailer for God Mode below to see the kinds of enemies, scenarios and weapons you can expect to encounter in the game:

God Mode – Announcement Trailer

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