Brand new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII gameplay trailer reveals new outfit, Assassin’s Creed platforming

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Announced for a 2013 release across Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the continued adventures of Lightning in Square Enix’s much maligned Final Fantasy XIII series will finally come to light in ‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.’

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Banner Logo

Taking place following the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in a location known as ‘Novus Partus’ (a network of four islands connected by a monorail system), Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will additionally feature extensive costume customisation options while multiple endings are also promised for the decidedly more action-oriented game.

The title also includes a real-time day/night cycle (each of which comprises roughly two hours each) and will see the game being played out over thirteen days, where time can be lengthened or shortened depending on your chosen actions.

See the latest glimpses of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII below in the new trailer:

Final Fantasy XIII-3 – Lightning Returns Trailer

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