Turning Up the Heat: Gas Powered Games teasing 2013 announcement

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You’ll know them as the creators of Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander and Age of Empires Online, while housing the overwhelming energy and enthusiasm of Total Annihilation creator Chris Taylor, but what is Gas Powered Games working on next?

Gas Powered Games 2013 Teaser Banner

We all love a good countdown clock leading up to the announcement of a new videogame, so we’re thrilled to discover that Gas Powered Games is using this wonderful anticipation technique to lead us up to the reveal of its new project.

The developer’s web address notes something called ‘Project W,’ while the associated text asks if we’re “Ready for Something Wild?”

I… I guess we’re ready, Gas Powered. I guess.

Gas Powered Games 2013 Teaser Image

My mathematician’ing skills aren’t the very best you’ll find under a blue sky, but it seems as though we’ll find out what Gas Powered Games has cooking on January 14th or 15th, according to the timer.

What do you think it could be? A new RPG or strategy game? Perhaps a revival of the studio’s Kings and Castles?

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