Humour and adventure creep into Fuse with new story trailer

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Hands up: Who has been rather worried about Insomniac’s upcoming third-person co-operative shooter, Fuse?

Fuse Banner Logo (Temp)

Following a change in direction and a period of development where the studio deemed it necessary to rework the game’s focus and style (while renaming the game from the punchy ‘Overstrike’), we’ve only received a few glimmers of reassuring footage and information regarding Fuse.

An all-new gameplay and story trailer has today done more good work to highlight the game’s strong points, however, not least of which is the feeling of a grand adventure with humorous quips thrown in for good measure – more of this please, Insomniac:

Fuse – Rules of Engagement Story Trailer

Is this trailer a bit more reassuring, or do you still need further convincing? You can look over El33tonline’s previous coverage of Fuse for more videos and screenshots to help formulate your feelings on the game.

Fuse Screenshot 1

Fuse Screenshot 2

Fuse Screenshot 3

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