Return to RAGE with ‘The Scorchers’ DLC, out now for Xbox 360 and PC

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id Software and Bethesda may have released RAGE in October last year, but the pair’s post-apocalyptic first-person shooter has today been propped up with all-new content thanks to the release of ‘The Scorchers’ downloadable content.

RAGE - The Scorchers Artwork

Available now over Xbox LIVE (for 400 MS Points) and on PC via Steam (for $4.99), The Scorchers for RAGE adds new areas to the game, as well as a brand new enemy clan, with additional weapons and mutant creatures to discover out in the wastes of the world.

The DLC will also add the ‘Ultra Nightmare’ mode to the game, a new level of difficulty, while the ‘Extended Play’ option will allow you to continue to play RAGE past the ending so you can clean up any unfinished side missions.

Key features, of The Scorchers? It has a few…

RAGE - The Scorchers Screenshot 1

… Oh, you want to know what they are. Well, why didn’t you say so?

RAGE – The Scorchers Key Features:

New Enemies and Weapons

Fight the Scorcher clan, the Wasteland’s most psychotic bandits, and conquer overwhelming odds with help from a brutal Nailgun featuring three distinct ammunition types.

Rediscover the Wasteland

Explore six all-new environments, compete in a new season of Mutant Bash TV and play all-new mini-games. There’s more to the world of RAGE than ever before!

Ultra-Nightmare Mode

Take your rage to another level with the new Ultra-Nightmare Mode, designed especially for hardcore players looking for the ultimate challenge.

Extended Play Mode & Combat Scenario Selection

Continue exploring the Wasteland long after the final fight with the ‘Extended Play’ option, and relive your favorite missions any time you want with the all-new ‘Combat Scenario Selection’ menu.

RAGE - The Scorchers Screenshot 2

“In this brand-new adventure spanning six all-new areas,” writes Bethesda, “you will fight alongside new allies to defend the Hager Settlment from a maniacal bandit clan known as The Scorchers. Along the way, you’ll participate in a new season of Mutant Bash TV, encounter new mini-games, and wield the overpowering and brutal Nailgun.”

While The Scorchers is out now on Xbox LIVE and Steam, PlayStation Network browsers in North America will be able to get The Scorchers later today (December 18th) while European browsers will get it tomorrow (December 19th).

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RAGE - The Scorchers Screenshot 7

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