Far Cry 3 PC patch out now to improve playlists and fix your many cores

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PC gamers currently enjoying the lush visuals that the Rook Islands have to offer are now able to download a new patch for the game, which improves some elements of multiplayer, helps out with language support and fixes some ULC issues.

If you’re able to help me out with what ULC stands for, I’ll be very impressed indeed – here’s the full list of fixes for the PC version of Far Cry 3:

General fixes for the patch:

  • Added Russian and Czech language support for Steam versions.
  • Fixed issues for machines that have more than 32 cores.
  • Fixed issues for activation keys bundled with ULC privileges. ULC content will now unlock during activation.
  • Improvements to playlists and rotation for User Made maps.

You can download the patch over here.

Are these the fixes you’ve been looking for?

Source: Ubisoft Official

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