El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Holiday merriment

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The weekend is here!

Right… so it’s not here, but close enough! It’s Friday afternoon and we’re already looking forward to soaking up some rays both from the sun and our TVs as we get stuck into some enthralling game time.

As we decide which games in our backlog we want to tackle first and think about just what kinds of relaxing we wish to indulge in (there are different varieties), we invite you to read about what members of El33tonline have planned for this weekend and the impending holidays, but be sure to let us know what you’ll be up to below:


“I haven’t got too much planned for the weekend but there’ll definitely be some gardening in there (everything’s been growing at a rapid pace lately!) along with some open-world adventuring in Assassin’s Creed III for the Wii U.

Summer has arrived a bit early in Durban so warm weather and extra hours of sunlight pave the way for beach-ing and braai-ing. Perhaps I’ll be doing a bit of both this weekend?

As always, enjoy the break to the max p33ps!”

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“For many it is the end of the world next week. For me, it is the end of the year today. Yes, I am going on holiday and unlike 90% of the populous I will not be migrating to the coast. I will be invading your metropolis in Gauteng, driving slowly and not getting stuck in traffic. Already Ballito, Umhlanga and Durban are bursting at the seams, and I can only imagine what places like PE, Plett and Cape Town look like. Please behave while you enjoy our lovely cities.

I heard some shocking news today: new research shows that more people die every year from obesity than from malnourishment. As shocking as that is, I fear I will fall squarely in the obese category. With Christmas delights and general over-indulgence rife at any family gathering of ours, I will not be able to escape.

But let’s get to some gaming. As always it will form a big part of my holidays. I have a backlog (still waiting for POItjie to share his backlog app with me) that I need to get through. The Humble THQ Bundle and other Steam sales earlier in the year filled up my hard drive so my PC is going along on holiday. I am also playing Prototype 2 and Sleeping Dogs on Xbox 360, and on the PS3 I will try go as far as I can with Rayman Origins and Army of Two 40th Day with co-op buddies.

I wish you all a very blessed Christmas! Remember the reason for the season, and please, please enjoy responsibly! This is Oltman, signing out for 2012!”

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“T-Minus ten days to go and we’re all getting ready to stuff our faces with turkey, duck, chicken, chocolates, fruit mince pies, fruit cakes, and all other wonderfully decadent and unnecessary food stuffs…

… And then we’ll be smearing our controllers with grease and sugar and all the by-products of our face-stuffing hands (unless we’re going Kinect mode) and getting down to the wonderful gizmo’s and gadgets our loving friends and families have contributed to our collections on that special day.

I digress, however. We’ve survived the end of the world (or have we?) and it’s time to Reconcile this weekend. I’ve got family time, shopping time (boo: I had hoped I’d be done by now), and most hopefully some gaming time and podcast time! This is a long weekend purely in duration but not in terms of boredom factor!

Family Guy beckons for closure and I must say the single player / co-op is proving to be entertaining, albeit a tad offensive in parts, and I can’t wait to give the multiplayer some attention to wrap up my review!”

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“It’s been a wonderful year at El33tonline, but 2012 is fast coming to a close. The holidays are upon us and soon we’ll be muscling down mince pies, relaxing outside (at the beach, where applicable) and digging into our various and varied videogame backlogs.

This weekend, the preparation for closing time at El33tonline continues and we’ll have more than a few items of amusement for you on the site over the break, so we hope to see you back again real soon!

Have a great weekend, everybody, and play a few games for us!”

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“Applause, general merriment, and laughter! We’ve survived the year, and done a damn fine job of it too in my opinion. Give yourselves a pat on the back, ladies and gents.

For many folks this is their last day at work for 2012. Thanks to all of you for joining in the great adventures that El33tonline has been on this year. Please do check back every now and again over the festive season though, we’ll be lonely if you don’t and we’ll still have editorials, reviews and other interesting bits and bobs to keep you entertained while you sip Pina Coladas by the pool (with a controller in the other hand of course).

Our team will be taking a break over Christmas and New Year to recharge our batteries and prepare to battle the mighty line-up that 2013 promises to bring. But we’ll be back with new ideas (and more than likely sore thumbs too) to continue this journey to make El33t bigger and better for you to enjoy. Stay safe, and happy gaming.”

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What are your plans for the weekend? How will you be spending your holidays?

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