El33t’s Question of the Day: What is the future of videogames?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

It’s a query I put to myself fairly often and I’m sure I think about it to an unhealthy degree, so perhaps you can all help me calm my thoughts and put my worries at ease… this Question of the Day asks:

What is the future of videogames?

It’s a sprawling, lofty question that can’t really be answered effectively by any one human being, so I hope we can all chip away at it in unison.

Is a one-console future a possibility? Will all games become available as streaming entertainment online? Can inexpensive components become a reality and shrink to be built into TVs and set-top boxes?

What about input and output? Will new ways of interacting with and viewing games appear in the next few years? Will there be a consolidation of publishers, developers and technology leaders as development budgets rise, with space for smaller, nimble companies to continue to innovate on mobile devices and download services?

It’s been said that it’s a fool’s errand trying to accurately predict the path of the future past five years, and technology is an especially wily topic when it comes to gazing into a crystal ball, but how do you think we’ll be playing and experiencing games in the future?

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