Brainteaser Thursday: Guess The Game for December 13th

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It seems that I stumped a couple of you with last week’s Guess the Game clues – I didn’t even notice that I managed to select two games with a similar name. The games posted last week were:

  • 1.) Bioforge is an adventure game developed by Origin Systems and published by Electronic Arts for MS-DOS.

  • 2.) Bio-Menace is a 2D side-scrolling platform game both developed and published by Apogee Software in 1993 for MS-DOS.

  • 3.) Hexxagon is a Puzzle game developed by Argo Games and published by Software Creations for MS-DOS in 1993.

Today, though, I think you might be able to guess the games really quickly, or else you’ve never seen or heard of them before. So let’s get to it then:

Game 1:

Guess the Game December 13th - Image 1

This is a game based on a very popular franchise and the developers even made a sequel to it. Fans of the franchise were very pleased by how true the game was to the franchise.

Game 2:

Guess the Game December 13th - Image 2

What would a ‘Guess the Game’ be without a side-scroller? This game was awesome. I finished it just a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t very challenging but it had its moments.

Game 3:

Guess the Game December 13th - Image 3

This game was so gory that the name made sense. It had some weapons that I’ve never seen in any other games. This game, too, had a sequel and is on my list of games I would like them to remake or reboot.

Can you guess them? Good luck and happy gaming!

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