Bioshock Infinite delayed into March 2013, but here are new screens

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Maybe this sounds familiar. Perhaps we’ve heard this song before. But it’s a tune that seems to never ring out of favour…

After being delayed into 2013 with a solid release date of February 26th, the launch of Bioshock Infinite has once again been pushed back, but luckily it’s only a short stop-gap before we explore the heights of Columbia.

Bioshock Infinite Artwork

According to Irrational studio head and creative director, Ken Levine, Bioshock Infinite was given the once over by Irrational newcomer (and Epic/Gears of War veteran) Rod Fergusson, who thought the game would benefit from a few weeks extra work. At a press conference recently, Levine sad:

“When Rod Fergusson came on board we looked at the game. He was there for about a month and he said, ‘look, I’ve been looking at the schedule and looking at the game and frankly you could really benefit from another three or four more weeks for polish and bug fixing.’

“We talked about it. I knew I’d probably get beat up in the press a little bit about it. But at the end of the day, if it’s going to make a better game we’re going to do it.

“So the new date is March 26. That’s my bad news.”

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot 1

While it’s definitely good news that the team at Irrational is going to put that extra bit of work into Bioshock Infinite before unleashing it on the world, it does move the game into quite a busy release period. Then again, February 2013 is also looking rather full.

In the meantime, you can look over a batch of brand new Bioshock Infinite screenshots, and peruse El33tonline’s vast stores of preview coverage for more information and a collection of gameplay videos, too:

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot 2

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot 3

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot 4

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot 5

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot 6

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot 7

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